BLOG -NOV 19th : updated information part & added some URL links. -NOV 20th : cleaned up my gallery & added dEE_landscapes; composed imagerie from virtual worlds. -NOV 21th : added movie to FTP-site : see pict> '' ,only video no sound play & loop on your iPOD. See 'links' / dEE_download. -NOV26th : added 'fOg-iCe' to dEE_landscapes -NOV30th-DEC1st added dEE_sfere; 6 out of the many sfere variations; the base is always pure mathematics. -DEC 10th : added grEEn_sLimE to landscape gallery -DEC11th : added MountAIn_stArs to landscape gallery -DEC16th : added BluE_iCe to landscape gallery -DEC21th : uploaded fOAm_cOAst to landscape gallery. -DEC26th : my site's been up for re-evaluation; only a few went through the hazzle ... that's life... but I've got a satisfying ammount of visitors doing more than just browsing. -DEC30th : finalised my new website see 'links' -DEC31th : added sTranGe_mOOn to landscape gallery ... see you next year , don't choke on the turkey !! -JAN3th : added PlaNet_Vx23 to the landscape gallery -JAN16th : added cRaTer_mOunt... another alien landscape. Stranded on 0,3 points too low with the new votes.C'est la vie... -JAN21th / added dOublE_sunSET to dEE_landscapes -JAN25th : added plAnet_mOON&sUn to dEE_landscapes -feb19th; added FiRe_clOuds to dEE_landscapes -april 10th : my CD with ambient music is released under the name BpOlar. Title : The White Heads